BioBox  graywater cleaner
Raita BioBox graywater cleaners are developed in Finland. Raita has developed and produced graywater cleanars since 1970's. There are tens of thousands of  Raita BioBox cleaners operating.  Raita BioBox process utilizes natural bio-purification, the organic load and nutrients are degraded by biological microbial activity (biofilm). The same method uses traditional soil infiltration and biofiltering fields, ie natural microbes accumulate to purify nutrientrich water when they have the right conditions for action. RAITA BioBox is BAT class (best available technology).   Investment and operatatingcosts are low compared with purificitation rate. Our large selection  has a suitable solution for a small summer house as well as for larger objects. (see the selection guide)
BioBox - selection guide  info BioBox M      BioBox greywater filter units, long life (50-100 years), low maintenance costs, easy to maintain.  accessories to adapt the BioBox system to property’s circumstances. BioBox Slim BioBoxes accessories SK100 SK250 KK600 BioBox XL   75/h -  600 l/ 24h 50l/h -  400 l/ 24h 50l/h -  400 l/ 24h BioBox XL+   125/h -  750 l/ 24h  info Selection guide since 1978 BioBox filters for greywater